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New 42 5V 3.75 ° Step Stepper Stepping Gear Motor with Metal Gear for 3D Printer

PK543ANA-TG30 Stepper Motor with 30:1 Gear Reduction
One Stepper motor with integrated planetary gear reduction unit. Approximately 30:1 gear reduction, step angle 0.024, 5 phase, 0.75A per phase, 1.7 Ohm, 1.5N-m torque, size approximately 1.5" X 1.5" X 2.5". Shaft diameter is 6mm and it is 14mm long. Alltronics Part # 23M010, see datasheet : http://w ...  More

Rino Mechanical Worm Gear Reducer + Vexta Stepper Motor - 4th Axis, CNC, Robot!
Rino Mechanical 30:1 right angle gear reducer with Vexta stepper motor. Great for robot, automation, rotary table or CNC 4th axis, sells new for $300+

Set of 3 - 560oz/in Vexta Stepper Motors with 18:1 Gear Head - 0.1 deg/step
This auction is for three (3) Vexta Stepper Motors - Model #C7463-9212KGM. 2-Phase 0.1deg / Step 5.7V DC 1A Comes with 4 mounting screws 18:1 Gear Head Shaft is about 5/16"I tested the holding torque which came out to be about 560oz/in.The items come with the original boxes, although the box has wea ...  More

NEW SIG BERGER LAHR VRDM 597/50 LWC 5-PHASE STEPPER MOTOR WITH GEAR 325V 1.25A 2,4 OHM PL 50 5:1This is from a never sealed new in the box item, that appears fully new and unused. There are handwritten inventory control numbers written in various places on the box. Internal # 74Save BIG $$ HERE and ...  More

AUTONICS A15K-S545 - G10 Stepper Mtr, 5-Ph, 17 Frame, Geared, 15 N-m
YOU ARE BIDDING ON STREPPER MOTOR WITH THE FALLOWING SPECS : Phase 5 Frame Size NEMA 17 / 42mm Type Geared Shaft Max. Holding Torque 1.47 N-m / 208.31 oz-in Resolution 0.72 deg Full Step Amps Per Phase 0.75 Gear Ratio 10:1 Rotor Inertia 68.0 g-cm2 Winding Resistance 2.20 ohms Overall Length 2-15/16 ...  More

12V 2 Phase 4 Wire 20mm Stepper Motor Printer & Scanner Stepping Motor with gear
Welcome to my ebay store! if the goods are good, remember next time. thank you. Product Detail Description: 100% Brand New and High Quality Very beautiful NMB mini stepper motor processing (Thailand), NMB stepper motor is the world famous brand.. Specifications: Motor diameter: 20 MM Motor height: 1 ...  More

12V 2 Phase 4 Wire 42 Stepper Motor 27mm Stepping Motor with Gear
Item description:100% Brand new and high quality. Stepper motor specifications: 42 * 42 MM Stepper motor height: 26.5 MM Step Angle: 0.9Output shaft: 5 MM Front output shaft length: 12.5 MM Weight: 184 g Lead: 2 phase 4 wire (Red and Blue is a set of lines, the black line and green line is a set of ...  More

Vexta 0.72deg, 1.7A Geared Stepper Motor #ASM66AA-N36
Vexta 1.7A, stepper Motor # ASM66AA-N36. Closed Loop Step Motor, PN Geared 36:1, Resolution to 0.01 degrees/pulse (set at 1000 pulses/rev). The shaft is 23mm long, has a slot keyway and is 10mm diameter. One foot lead with molex type connector.

Vexta 0.05deg, 2.5A Geared Stepper Motor #ASM66AK
Vexta 2.5A, stepper Motor # ASM66AK. Closed Loop Step Motor, TH Geared 7.2:1, Resolution to 0.05 degrees/pulse (set at 1000 pulses/rev). The shaft is 14mm long and is 6.3mm diameter. One 1-1/2 foot lead with molex type connector.

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