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50 Pack Bag 18 in. x 18 in. Cotton Wipers Cleaning Rags Painting Rag Cloths New

GENERAL MICROWAVE X401 Thermistor Mount Lot x3 Chipped Paint
eBay greenpowerparts Offerings. GENERAL MICROWAVE X401 Thermistor Mount Lot x3 Chipped PaintUsed / Cosmetics and Inclusions as Shown / 30-Day Warranty MAKE - GENERAL MICROWAVEMODEL - PART NUMBER - X401CONDITION - Used / Cosmetics and Inclusions as Shown / 30-Day WarrantyIMAGES - Actual of Item For S ...  More

paint Coating Thickness Gauges Iron Matrix Measurement Tester gauge meter tool
eBay UNI-T UT341 Coating Thickness Gauges Tester 0um~1000um Iron Matrix Measure with LCD Backlight Parameters Specifications Range Best Accuracy Model UT341 Iron Matrix Measure 0m~55m 3dgt 56m~1000m (3.0%+1dgt) Resolution 1m Features Display Count 9999 Auto Power Off Low Battery Indication Data Hold ...  More

HP Agilent 5080-3437 Inductor Grey Paint 1960s Vintage Component
eBay HP/Agilent vintage 1960s part, a large inductor from a volt meter, I'm sorry to say I cut the wires kind of close when I removed it, but interestingly, I thought it was a transformer at first but it has just one wire in and one out - it's an inductor.


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