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XY Axis Rotary Stage Suruga Seiki Used B43-60N BSS16-60C Precision Micrometer
Specification Item Type : Precision Complex Micrometer Stage Item Number ( Top to Bottom ) : Top Axis : B43-60N RotaryStage Bottom Axis : BSS16-60C Manual Linear STAGE Manufacturer: Suruga Seiki Country Of Origin : Japan Quantity: 1 SET (complex 2 axis stages) Condition : Used (good working conditio ...  More

Optical Motorized Stage Used B43-60N TSA60-20X Step Motor XY Rotary Linear Stage
Specification Item Type : Complex Motorized Linear Stage Stage Number : B43-60N + TSA60-20X Manufacturer: SURUGA SEIKI, Sakurai seisakusyo Country Of Origin : Japan Quantity: 1EA Condition : Used (working condition) - Step Motor and electric parts is not tested. This item composed 3 axis. X,Y and ro ...  More


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