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USED Yaskawa VS mini CIMR XCBA40P7 400V 3PH 0.75kW
eBay This is a used Yaskawa VS Mini. Part: CIMR-XCBA40P7 0.75kW 400V 3 Phase Digital Operator: JVOP-120 INPUT AC 3 Phase 380-460V 50-60hZ 4.5 Amps OUTPUT AC 3 Phase 0-460V 2.6kVA 3.4 Amps Item No.: 9404 Terms & Conditions: We would like to thank you for shopping with gibuys on eBay! Please read ...  More

CIMR-XCBA40P7 Yaskawa 3.4A, 460V, 1HP P5 Series Drive --SA
eBay 3.4A, 460V, 1HP P5 Series Drive Bin: 12C_02 Don't wait to have your unit repaired when it fails, have a hot stand by on your shelf at a reasonable price. If you have this item and it needs to be repaired call us! We may be able to accommodate you there! Item Details Please Contact us with any q ...  More

Yaskawa CIMR-XCBA40P7 2.6kVA 3.4A 1 HP VS Mini CIMRXCBA40P7
eBay Welcome to RIVER CITY INDUSTRIAL EBI5369 Yaskawa Magnetek Model: CIMR-XCBA40P7 Variable Speed DriveVS Mini Series Items bought from RCI are guaranteed to be in working condition unless otherwise stated below. CIMRXCBA40P7InputAC 3PH 380-460V - 50/60Hz 4.5AOutputAC 3PH 0-460V 3.4A 30 Day Warrant ...  More

NEW Yaskawa VS Mini 380-460V CIMR-XCBA40P7
eBay Yaskawa Controller CIMR-XCBA40P7 Input: 3PH 380-460VV Output: 3PH 0-460V This item is in new condition. Sealed in factory plastic as seen in pic. Guaranteed Electric offers discounted prices on new and used industrial supplies. All of our items come with 24 hour shipping and a 100% satisfaction ...  More


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